Now Hiring: Facilitator
The CEO Facilitator will create a learning environment where students are encouraged to explore, discover and experience learning through real-life activities. The facilitator’s role is to model a passion for learning, connect with the students and community, collaborate with the CEO board, and, most importantly, provide guidance to the students. 


The facilitator position is a half-time position. 90 minutes of the day is spent with the students, and the balance is used for arranging business visits, guest speakers, calling on business people, etc. CEO requires a great deal of time from the facilitator to establish good relationships with the business community, prepare the many communications that make the program transparent, and build the learning environment that allows students to succeed.

We are seeking a facilitator who is:

  • A kid magnet, dedicated to students and their success

  • A great relationship builder 

  • First-Class Communicator 

  • Willing and able to interact with business investors and partners

  • Comfortable working in a technology-rich environment

  • Resourceful and adaptable

  • An excited learner and naturally curious 

  • Able to get out of their own way.  Facilitators are not instructors of this experience.  A facilitator must be willing to lean on community members who are experts in their fields. 

  • Able to contextualize and prioritize Craig Lindvahl's Life Lessons and their own throughout the program.

Specific functions of a facilitator:


  • A positive Image of CEO 

  • Shared Point of Contact For All CEO Matters

  • Scheduler of CEO Visits and Speakers

  • Receive Feedback From Presenters

  • Assist with Marketing of the Program: Write and post class updates through Facebook 

  • Prepare and present a monthly board report

  • Collaborate with the CEO board on shared responsibilities 

    • Class Orientation 

    • Mentoring 

    • Class Business 

    • Individual Businesses 

    • Trade Show 

    • Alumni Activities 

  • Look for and Develop Community Networking Opportunities that Benefit Students

Support Student Development: 

  • Read and Respond to Students' Weekly Journals

  • Connect Students to Resources

  • Continually Assess and Evaluate Student Performance

  • Develop a Strong Team/Produce the WOW

  • Facilitate Development and Execution of Class Business

  • Facilitate the Development and Execution of Individual Student Businesses

  • Identify and Address Student Needs and Issues

  • Track Student Grades and Report Quarterly to Schools

  • Incorporate Craig Lindvahl’s Life Lessons from Things You Wish You Knew Yesterday


  • Develop Program Materials and Content

  • Develop Class and Team Building Activities

  • Seek & Secure Host Sites, 

  • Organize Business Visits and Guest Speakers 

  • Track / Attain Key Concepts and Foundational Skills Recommended by MIE through a provided evaluation system 

Participate in The Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship Training and Events:

  • Required: Attend New Facilitator Training in Effingham Illinois 

  • Participate in Monthly Webinars (August - April)  

    • New Facilitator Huddle (Monthly) 

    • Kitchen of Learning (Quarterly) 

  • Complete & administer Midland Institute surveys


Start Date: July 1, 2023
Must be willing to Obtain Educator licensure through the Regional Office of Education (ROE)/ Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE).

CEO offers real-life experiences through regular contact with local entrepreneurs, business people, and community partners.
If you are passionate about cultivating lifelong learners, please send a cover letter and resume to info@mtzionilceo.com 

Mt. Zion IL CEO is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  

Molly Carpenter

Molly Carpenter